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Complete social platform management package e

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An integrated package for managing social media accounts is considered one of the most important e-marketing packages in Saudi Arabia, whether Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or Linkedin, as social media users on a monthly basis exceed billions of visitors for each platform independently, so the world has become a community Digitally, most of its members spend most of their day on social media programs Therefore, it was natural for companies and brands to go to marketing through various social networks as one of the most important means of electronic marketing to communicate with their customers, measure their satisfaction, acquire new customers, and maintain old customers by continuous communication with them, but this trend does not mean at all dispense with design A website with a clear marketing message that is your gateway or permanent exhibition in the Internet world to integrate with social networking sites, where goals differ and then plans, results and means of measurement, the main goal behind marketing through social media accounts may be to publicize the brand or increase sales Or facilitate customer service, or build loyalty among your customers towards your product or service, or increase the interaction of those interested with your company..

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The importance of managing social media accounts for your website?

Here are the top nine benefits of using social media to market your products and grow your business:

Increase Brand Awareness: Having a social media presence helps build your reputation as a professional in your field and with countless social media platforms such as YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. You will be able to reach clients that may have been impossible to reach before. So that each comment, post, etc. becomes another new consumer for your company to interact with, ultimately building a large customer base.

Gather your information about your customers: Social media provides companies with insights and information about their target customers. So you know exactly what your customers want. Targeting and meeting the specific needs of your customers can increase your traffic rates and increase your overall sales.

Boost your presence in search engines: Having a page on social media is a lot like having a website. Using appropriate long-form keywords helps. Which is frequently used in searches in the content of your page to increase your page rank and bring more visits.

Build Relationships the Easier Way: Social media is a quick and easy way to keep in touch with other professionals in your field and allow them to interact closely with you.

Get instant feedback: Social media allows companies to get positive or negative feedback from consumers instantly. Thus, it reduces the time required to find out whether the campaign or products were successful or not.

Social media is a way to increase sales and a low-cost way to promote its products and services to specific users at the right time, for example, companies can launch an advertising campaign on Facebook, Instagram ads, Snapchat ads, and others.

Monitor competitors: Social media is an excellent way for companies to monitor their competitors. You can learn how your competitors interact with their audience, and the type of content they publish. Also, social media is an excellent way to define your field of business, and identify ways in which you can stand out from your competitors.

Features of the social media account management package:

Analyze the accounts of the most famous competitors for your brand.
Determine the target group for your services accurately.
Determine advertising ideas that fit the service provided.
Writing content professionally.
Preparing a professional marketing plan.
Create the designs your accounts need.
Funded advertising campaign management.
By managing social media accounts, following up on messages and comments and responding to them.
Preparing monthly reports and performance appraisals.
Providing a monthly consulting session with a team of specialists to discuss the reports and the most important developments that have been taken into account to achieve the highest possible efficiency.

What are the stages of working on managing social media accounts?

Primary data analysis: where we study the initial needs of your project and prepare those needs.
Analyzing and studying competitors: You identify competitors for your company and analyze their social media accounts.
Determine the target audience: It is required at this stage that we identify the ideal customer to deal with your company in addition to following up on the audience’s needs and problems.
Preparing a marketing plan and business plan: We then start preparing a complete marketing plan in specific time stages.
Launching and follow-up: After completing the previous stages, we publish designs and publications on private accounts, with constant follow-up to improve performance

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