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Now own an online store on the basket platform, as it is the first platform in e-commerce, a basket that facilitates e-commerce for you, where you can now set up a basket store in a few minutes without any commission on sales, creating a basket store is a successful way in the digital space to sell your products or services professionally and profitably .

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What do you offer in the service of launching your store on the basket:

Create a cart store account.
Add basic settings when creating your store in the cart.
Set up all payment methods in your shopping cart.
Linking with shipping companies.
Buy and connect a domain (or domain).
Writing the introduction pages (about us) in your store on the basket.
Set up abandoned baskets.
Do shop cart design and homepage design.
Design three professional banners.
Design a professional custom CSS basket template.
Linking the Cart store with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel.
Add a WhatsApp quick contact button in the shopping cart
Add your store categories to the cart.
Enter up to 10 products with descriptions.
Doing SEO for your shop on cart and optimizing your products.
Store evaluation feature and opinion polls.
Video recording feature for store visitors.
Remove advertising phrases for the store and services.

A ready-made file of product data and images must be provided.
He likes to provide an account on (Facebook, Instagram, Google, Maarouf).
A Saudi bank account is required.
You must subscribe to one of the paid basket packages (Plus – Pro).
10 days free support to make sure there are no issues.
Additional fees apply for (additional services – express execution).

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