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Marketing an online store and managing marketing campaigns for two months e

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Marketing an online store is considered one of the most important methods in the world of promotion and sales, and marketing campaigns work to achieve the highest return on investment and noticeable results in the sales rate. Request an online store marketing service and double the sales of your store.


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Features of the online store marketing service and monthly marketing campaign management:

– 3 advertising videos for your store
– 6 marketing banners for your store
– Preparing your store and linking it with all Google services so that you will be able to know the nature of your customers and the most profitable products to focus on.
– Launch 4 advertising campaigns on Google to attract customers interested in your products.
Launching a video campaign on Snapchat
– Launching a video campaign on Instagram
– Fully link analysis tools with your store
Study and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your store
– Developing a marketing strategy
– Periodic workshops with a team of specialists in e-commerce
– A team working around the clock to develop and improve your advertising campaigns on all marketing platforms
– Launch an accurate retargeting campaign to bring back visitors who did not purchase from your store.
Link your store’s products to the Google Merchant Center, so that your products, along with their images and prices, appear in the first search results

Stages and steps of marketing an online store and managing monthly marketing campaigns:

The first step: developing a marketing plan, analyzing the current situation and studying your products and direct competitors.
The second step: developing a targeting strategy that is commensurate with the nature of your products and target customers.
The third step: preparing analysis tools and linking them to the store, in addition to setting up a Google Ads campaign.
Step Four: Preparing and launching experimental marketing campaigns with the lowest possible budget.
Fifth step: Run the visitor traffic recording program to study the browsing traffic of visitors on your store.
Step Six: Follow up on the experimental campaigns and make the necessary improvements to ensure the best results from them.
Step Seven: Adjusting the store according to an analytical reading of new customers to increase sales.
Step Eight: Determine successful marketing campaigns and make appropriate improvements to multiply their results.
Step 9: Adjust the budget for all successful marketing campaigns to focus the budget on campaigns that bring in higher results.

Basic requirements when purchasing an online store marketing service and managing marketing campaigns

There is a domain for the store.
Hand over all the control panel of the store, in addition to the login data for the Google advertising account.


An online store marketing service and managing monthly marketing campaigns specially designed for online store owners on platforms (Zed, Basket, Magento, OpenCart, WordPress, Shopify, ExpandCart..etc)
The Marketing Campaigns package is intended for store owners who are flexible and willing to change in order to increase their sales.
For store owners who believe that the secret of the success of e-commerce and e-marketing lies in smart investment in advertising campaigns.
The method of e-marketing for stores professionally and quickly for two weeks on the platforms (Zed, Basket, Magento, OpenCart, WordPress, Shopify, ExpandCart…etc.)
The price of the marketing campaign package for stores does not include the amounts of advertising campaigns that will be paid on Google.
Store marketing campaign package offer is valid only for contracts that include a subscription of two consecutive months.

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